Keep it Chill: Your Guide to Glamping in Hocking Hills

Your Guide to Glamping in Hocking Hills

Ohio is a beautiful state with breathtaking landscapes, rolling hills, and gorgeous parks to explore. Exploring the beauty is part of the experience of visiting Ohio for nature enthusiasts but even more, is finding unique and fun ways to stay for a time to enjoy a longer period in nature. Hocking Hills, Ohio, is one place people love to visit. Glamping is one way they choose to enjoy a bit of luxury while also enjoying nature. Learn more about this exciting way of exploring the hills and camping out in the wild.

What is Glamping?

Glamping, in short, is ‘glamorous camping,’ a version of camping with panache. Outdoor recreation has shifted from little bare-bones cabins in the woods to create an essentials list from beds to running water and toilets that make the experience more relaxing. This could include:

  • Camping Cabins with four walls and a bed
  • Deluxe Cabins  with a private bathroom, little kitchen area, etc
  • Tree Houses with amenities ranging from rustic to modern
  • Yurts or circular variations of tents, popular in Asia and modeled after dwellings used by nomadic groups in Central Asia but with comfort added in plus a little adventure

With all the amazing options out there, it can be hard to choose which glamping option to go with. Find out which available options are some of the best in Hocking Hills for a fun adventure in Ohio.

Tree Houses

Treehouses bring back memories of childhood. Simpler times of climbing trees, hanging out with friends, and playing all summer long. Modern glamping treehouses take this concept to the next level. Not your run-of-the-mill backyard treehouse, the ones in Hocking Hills can have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more to make the experience exciting. Hocking Hills Treehouse cabin is perfect for a romantic getaway, girls’ weekend, or another gathering. Located on 15 acres of private land, they are located minutes away from Hocking Hills State Park and other attractions. Professional treehouse architects and engineers carefully crafted and designed each treehouse to keep it connected to the aesthetic of the woods but also be outfitted with amenities like wood-fired hot tubs, fire pits, air conditioning, wrap-around decks, and more. This woodland adventure is only one of many to be had high up in the canopies of Hocking Hills. 


Take a break from the norm and try an interesting way of camping called a yurt. A yurt is a circular shelter used by Central Asian nomads for centuries. Now brought to the rolling hills of Ohio, this is the perfect chance to enjoy a rustic getaway with a twist. Modernized versions include insulation, wood rafters to create an open, spacious dome with natural light, and everything from beds to full bathrooms, gas stoves, decks, and more. Many are heated and air-conditioned for year-round use. Glampers love the feel of being in the outdoors with a few modern amenities thrown in. 


Another way to experience glamping in Hocking Hills is in geodomes. They have a contemporary feel with shelves, a shower, and more. Cabin and tent life combine in a small square foot circular space. The views are amazing in Hocking Hills from the inside of a geodome. While both comfortable and rustic, nature feels closer than ever. The sights and sounds of nature are closer than ever while experiencing luxury in a unique experience.

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