SPAS & WELLNESS At Hocking Hills

Romantic getaways in Hocking Hills just aren’t complete without a relaxing spa treatment. Luxuriate in a sauna pod or salt cave, treat yourself to a hot stone massage, or simply enjoy a yoga class.


Explore these great local spas and wellness opportunities to make sure you get the relaxation and rejuvenation your vacation in Hocking deserves.

Spa & Wellness in Hocking Hills

There is nothing quite like a serene, quiet getaway in the rolling hills of Ohio. Tucked away in Hocking Hills are some of the best kept secrets in romantic and relaxation getaways. From spa treatments to pampering, yoga, and massage, there are endless ways to spend a carefree day, weekend, or longer experience practicing some self care. Whether it is alone, with a partner, or for a group getaway, check out why the Hocking Hills are a premier destination for a spa and wellness retreat.

Spa Treatments

Day spas are an important part of getting away from the rush and tug of everyday life to a more peaceful experience, if even for a few hours or a day. Ash Cave Day Spa features massage therapy and spa services at the guest’s own cabin. Plus, there are more than 70 acres of trails to take advantage of. Located less than a mile from Ash Cave State Park, it is the perfect pairing of getting away from it all combined with some forest bathing, time hiking, or doing just about anything in the local parks. Another luxurious spa to check out with accommodations in Hocking Hills is the Inn at Cedar Falls. With luxurious treatments and serene cabins, there is a wooded wonderland awaiting guests who come for a stay. The hilly ambiance and crisp, fresh air bring a special vibe to any spa stay. Whether it is relaxation, relief, or trying something new, the full spa services provide for just about anything a person desires. They also offer a great dining experience with healthy food options on site. 

For a different kind of experience, the rejuvenation station can make people feel younger and more vibrant in just one visit. They provide medical spa services with an on-site Nurse Practitioner to oversee operations. This can include everything from botox to fillers, aesthetician services like facials and deep tissue or medicupping massage therapy. Check them out for a refreshing experience.

Holistic Therapy

While some people get away to release physical tension, others come for a mental release and quietude they cannot get back home. This time to reconnect to self is offered by different places in Hocking Hills, including Inner Wisdom Wellness. Their approach includes modalities such as:

  • Yoga 
  • Wellness retreats for individuals and groups
  • Professional and corporate coaching
  • Stress reduction and leadership training for small to large groups

The journey to tranquility and transformation begins when visitors come for some support from the best services in Hocking Hills. 

Salt Cave

Halotherapy is very popular right now. In fact, it has been around a very long time but is more accessible than ever with the opening of salt caves. Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave provides sacred space to find rest and relaxation. Inside the curated salt cave are Himalayan salt boulders including a bed of Himalayan granulated salt resting on the floor. Trace minerals from the salt are absorbable by the body with myriad benefits. Pure salt is where wellness begins. The salt is all natural and chemical free, works to reduce inflammation and may work to thin mucus and clear debris from the lungs. This may also aid in the treatment of chronic snoring, sinus infections, skin issues and more. Find out why it helps with a trip to the salt cave before venturing out to check some of the outdoor caves out in many of the state parks nearby.

Sauna Pods

A unique venture, Hocking Hills saunta pods are the hottest place in town – literally! Take a moment to relax after a long day of biking, hiking, or fishing in Hocking Hills. This sauna is unlike the ones in any gym. The pods are a peaceful place to be present and clear the mind. Like traditional saunas, the pods are enclosed with a dry heat source. This helps open the pores, get the gunk out and free the muscles of tension. Customize the experience in nature with beautiful views of rocks and vistas. Contemplate the world outside while inside the safety of a small pod.

Healthy Eats

What good does all that healthy detoxing do without pairing healthy food and smoothies. Peace Love Juice has just the magic touch with all natural, healthy drinks to keep the positive juices flowing after a massage or quiet walk in nature. Alchemy Cafe is another place offering sandwiches with a healthy twist including the eponymous avocado toast. Vitality Juicery offers bubble tea, acai bowls, juice smoothies and fantastic little nibbles to enjoy. Local dine-in restaurants on-site with cabins and accommodations will also provide healthy food options and drinks to combine with the beautiful spa treatments offered. 

Be sure to step into the magic of receiving self care in nature. Hocking Hills offers a unique place to get away from it all and enjoy all the serenity, healthy eats and quiet solitude that will send people back home thinking about booking their next visit.