Hocking Hills Golf

Full 18-hole golf courses are available in Logan and Lancaster, and the mini golf course at Rempel’s Grove offers waterfalls and windmills, and ice cream after!

Golfing in Hocking Hills

That old time game of golf where someone hits a tiny ball into a tiny hole, all the while dodging obstacles like sand traps, water, and the rough. Some find this game relaxing while others like to come for the putting greens, exercise, and camaraderie. The challenge of hitting that tiny ball a distance down the fairway is why people flock to Hocking Hills. The rolling greens make it extra challenging to get a birdie or even par. Golfing surrounded by beautiful trees and nature brings an essence of serenity. Come find out why golfers, from amateur to professional, come to drive the ball and shoot their way to success on the golf courses in Hocking Hills. 

Historic Game Of Golf

When people head out onto the links for a putt or a swing, they don’t often consider the history behind this legendary game. If they are connoisseurs of sorts and love to know about the sport, they might not realize just how much history ties back to Ohio, itself. Jack Nicklaus, for instance, was raised in Columbus, Ohio. His family came from Germany to immigrate to the American Midwest. Jack’s historic golf prowess led him to a record 18 professional titles, including several from the U.S. Open and Senior Open championships, as well as PGA Tour wins. His introduction to golf was at the iconic Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio, designed by a renowned architect. Jack always touted the topographical features of Ohio courses as being unique, from the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains to flat, central plains, and the Lake Erie shoreline. These courses provide many golfers today with historic views and beauty, along with being part of the legend of one of the greatest golfers of all time. 

Playing the Game

History aside, there are some beautiful courses to challenge any golfer in Hocking Hills. One of these courses, Glenlaurel Links, comes with cottages and accommodations. The founder developed the space in May, 1993, with increased accommodations being built as he went into the early 2000s. The name comes from an old Scottish word, glen, that means secluded narrow valley, while ‘laurel’ means evergreen. These two words make perfect sense given the lush green courses, landscape, and views every golfer can enjoy on their visit to the course. Another great course is Hocking Hills Golf Club. This 18-hole regulation course offers everyone an opportunity to try their hand at hitting that tiny ball down the fairway. With 5,861 yards of terrain and manicured greens, the entire landscape feels like being in another world. Following a bit of time on the course, don’t forget to stop by their Urban Grille on-site for a bite to eat and to discuss the day’s adventures. 

Wee Golfer’s Delight

A golfer’s time in the hills is not complete without trying their hand at Adventure Golf at Rempel’s Grove. This great mini course is part of a team of shops and businesses. From candy, ice cream, treats, and a petting zoo, there is lots to do after visitors finish the course. The professionally designed course is sure to please even the seasoned golf pro who just wants to put around a bit before or after the main course is done. Little ones and families can also take in all the fresh air and adventure of trying their hand at a game that lets everyone have fun and come away feeling glad they stopped by. 

A stop at Hocking Hills is not complete without checking into some other adventure activities in the hills. One of the beautiful aspects of golfing in and around the area is finding the hiking trails, renting bikes, going on a boat tour, or staying awhile to take in more of the sites in the area. Nature surrounds the golf courses but is open to everyone who wants to head into the parks or shop some local stores before or after their tee time. A trip to Hocking Hills is always filled with wonder and excitement for what may be around the corner.