Not sure where to go or what to do? Need a guide to lead you along the trails and pathways of the Hocking Hills State Park? Check out these local tour guides for all the best secret spots and local history.


Whether you want a historical tour of the area, a guided tour of the trails, or a trek down the river in kayaks, Hocking has a tour for you.

Tours are an essential part of many people’s vacation plans. They love to explore when they are away from home while others love the idea of a staycation but want to make it fun by doing local things they haven’t tried before. Whatever a person’s pleasure, they are sure to find plenty to keep them busy in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. From local gems like hiking trails and cave exploration to ziplining, boat tours, history and more, there is no shortage of things to do for people of all ages. Come away to the hills and find out what people are saying about the amazing tours of this scenic, historic area.


Families and individuals come from near and far to explore Hocking Hills. Adventure is found at every turn, depending on what people love to do. Want to kayak, canoe, or tube down river? Got it. Want to dive off a cliff on a rope (rappelling) or zip across the canopy top at high speed? Got it. What about squeezing in between a rock and a hard place with some rock challenge tours? Got it. Hocking Hills is known for its adventure seekers who love to explore the caves, trails, and waterways of the region. Families with young children will also find less adventurous, but still fun, ways to explore the canopies with easier trips over the trees and calmer waters. Ecotours and exploring nature with guided tours is an excellent way for families to spend time getting to know the geological history of Hocking Hills. Rivers Edge Campground is one of many that offer camping, exploration, and canoe trips down river for individuals and families. There is something for every adventurous spirit who wants to check out all there is to offer.

Hit the Road (and Air)

The highways and byways of Hocking Hills are a big draw for people, especially in the warmer months into fall when the colors change. There is nothing quite like driving, biking, or riding the road less traveled. Why not try some of the equestrian ranches and farms that dot the hills. Working ranches provide an up close and personal approach to seeing the area while being able to ride on horseback and tend to the horses on sight. Scenic tours from up high are very popular due to the varied geological landscape of Hocking Hills. Small aircraft tours are available for people who want to see things from another perspective. Down on the ground, people can explore the roadways by taking a trip down the Ohio Windy 9. This passage will take motorists to 35 points of interest along the way, including Strouds Run State Park in Athens, The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway, and Rocky Outdoor Gear Store located in Nelsonville, to name a few. Along the way might include lots of stops to survey the land, take it all in and even pause to explore the hiking trails on the journey. Some prefer to explore this by motorcycle to feel the open air as they feel the wind in their faces on this beautiful, scenic road.

Quiet Spaces

For those craving quieter spaces, there are some great tours to engage those moments of meditation, mindfulness, and take away distraction. Ecotours are one way to do this, but also consider retreats for women led by experienced guides who help women find moments of solitude and quiet. Hocking Hills paint parties are another way to explore art and creativity as an ‘artistic tour’ of sorts. Individual and small group forest bathing and quiet hikes or walks are available to those looking for moments of stillness under the forest canopy of Hocking Hills. 

Sometimes taking a tour feels like a big risk. The Hocking Hills does not disappoint in geographic, geologic and historical wonder. From the seemingly mundane and quiet spaces to the exciting zip lining and rock climbing of ancient formations provides enough room for everyone to enjoy something for their skill level and desire. Why not come on out to Hocking Hills and try a few things. It might just become a passion that turns into a lifelong love of adventure, engaged tourism and a fascination with a region many long to explore but few take time to visit.