Hocking Hills  SHOPPING

There’s more to Hocking than the Walmart Supercenter off the roundabout! Explore the many unique shopping boutiques and adventure suppliers in our area, supporting local businesses and enjoying quality merchandise for the campsite and souvenirs to remember your visit to the hills!

Shopping in Hocking Hills  

Shopping is a rite of passage when heading out for vacation or just time away. There are sweet shoppes, tiny nooks, and local favorites to check out. Everything from antique stores to dime stores of old and everything in between can make for great finds when shopping. Even though lots of people enjoy shopping online or in “big box” stores found most anywhere, local shops are the way to get some nice souvenirs from a trip but also talk to people who live in the area about some of the best places to hike, bike, and have a good time while visiting. Hocking Hills is chock full of some of the best little shops around. Check out some of the ideal places for some camping supplies, specialized gifts and unique ideas to take home as part of the overall experience. 

Camping Supplies

Visitors flock to Hocking Hills for its natural beauty. Check out local vistas of rolling hills, gorgeous scenery, and even campsites for a deeper dive into nature. From spring to fall, campers come to the hills hoping for some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to quit the grind for a while and get back to basics. Grandma Faye’s Grocery and Deli, located in Logan, Ohio, is a great space to grab some camping supplies. Located just one mile from Old Man’s Cave (a local fave for hiking and tourist activities), the shop boasts a gift shop with leather goods, t-shirts, and even a grocery with deli selections. Grandma Faye’s features a 24 hour bait service for fishermen and women. A few other local places to grab some goods to make that camping experience excellent are Old Man’s Cave General Store and Rocky Outdoor Gear Store. There they sell everything from grills, tents, firepits, chairs, and more to elevate your experience outdoors. Something unique about this shop is that it employs over 300 people in southeast Ohio and 2,300 people worldwide. 

Souvenirs & Fun Merch 

One of the best ways to capture a vacation and time away in Hocking Hills is with fun merchandise including apparel, mugs, or tchotchkes. Some cool gear can be found online at a website dedicated to all things Hocking Hills with wearable gear for those adventures and to wear at home. The Nelsonville Emporium is an experience many visitors treasure along with several other shops that feature Christmas gifts, arts and crafts, and other fun souvenirs to take home. 

Treats and Treasures

Coming to Hocking Hills can be a tiring experience for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors who push their arms and legs to the extreme with hiking, biking, rock climbing, rappelling, and all the other ways people experience the beautiful area. Even if people aren’t into the adventure stuff, vacation alone can be exhausting. It is fun to step away for a moment and try a sweet, cold treat. Treehouse Treats and Treasures is a unique blend of ice cream sundaes and gift shop toys and souvenirs. Rempel’s Grove area also includes Adventure Golf, Foxs’ Book Adventures for literary interests of all types and Ruby’s Petting Zoo. Be sure to stop in for many types of treats and treasures to be found in and around the shop. The area has much to offer guests and their families. 

Buy Local Maker Spaces

A trip to Hocking Hills wouldn’t be complete without checking out a local maker space for some arts and crafts. Not only can visitors purchase amazing, handmade art by local artisans, they can also take part in creating art. Just a few of the best local options to try might include:

  • Hocking Hills Candle Works: Mike and Judy are a husband and wife team who moved to Hocking Hills in 2000. They took their love for the area and built small businesses from retail shops they purchased. This includes Wind Chime Shop, Christmas Treasures, and The Candle Shop. Hocking Hills Candle Works was created to bring fresh, natural scents to candle lovers. Over 170 fragrances are offered, made from soy for a natural, healthy clean burning candle. Visitors can make and take home their own candle.
  • Fisher Family Company: a Hocking Hills Store hosts an annual craft show in August. This includes local area arts and crafts vendors, food, music, and more. Custom made pins, stickers, mugs, apparel and more are created at this store which also offers retreats. 
  • Jack Pine Studio: offers hand blown glass gallery of amazing art by a local artist who has perfected his craft in Hocking Hills for over 20 years. Inspired by the local arts scene and natural beauty, Jack creates one-of-a-kind pieces to purchase, workshops and demos, and studio time to try a hand at making (and taking) one of your own creations. 

The Jack Pine studio is one of the most unique stores in Hocking Hills but he is not alone. He and many other local artisans, musicians, and more call this space home. When visitors come calling, they also feel right at home with the natural vibe and a local flair that keeps bringing people back for more time away in the hills.