Hocking Hills is home to some truly beautiful natural sandstone cliffs and rock outcroppings with climbing routes available for all skill levels. Rock climbing and rappelling tours take you and your family up and down these craggy cliffs at heights ranging from 35 to 100 feet.


Whether it’s your first climb, or you’re a seasoned cliff scrambler, expert guides will be there to assist you for an amazing rock climbing experience. So if you want to venture out off-the-beaten path, experience rock climbing and repelling on your next visit to Hocking Hills State Park.

Hocking Hills is a destination for individuals and families who love all kinds of outdoor activities. From exploring caves to hiking trails, wandering the forest, canoeing, kayaking, and even climbing, it has something for everyone. Climbing and rappelling is not just something people do far away, they can do it in their own backyard! Even though people do travel from far away to come here, those who live nearby have the glorious opportunity to see the world with new eyes when they check out the best companies to send them flying through the forest. Let’s check them out.

High Rock Adventures

High Rock Adventures is the only on-site rappelling tour company in Hocking Hills. With Ninety-nine acres of land to explore, the terrain is just waiting for people to come and discover its beauty from down below and up high. Even though people can bring their own equipment, many will choose High Rock Adventures again and again for their expertise in traversing this wild and beautiful geological landscape. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

People choose High Rock for many reasons. The first one is that they use state-of-the-art Petzl stainless steel anchoring systems. This is very important for the safety of guests in the forest. Everyone who climbs and rappels with High Rock knows with confidence they are supported by the best equipment around. For ecologically minded folks, no trees are damaged by use of this equipment, leaving less of a human footprint. Select from three different types of rappels: flat wall, canyon and large overhang. Rappelling is less demanding on the body than rock climbing without giving up the fun of exploring the rocks and caves that dot the landscape of Hocking Hills. All gear and instruction is provided, no experience required. 

Choose from several options when selecting the right adventure:

  • Rappelling adventure: includes 3 rappels of 35 to 90 feet with equipment and instruction provided from two guides. Rappel time of up to 3 hours 
  • Climb and rappel: all skill levels invited for an average of 3 climbs or attempts. All equipment and instruction provided before, during, and after. Tour time is around 6 hours with larger groups welcome
  • Rappelling 201: includes 6 different rappels, equipment, instruction, and up to 7 hours of time with a lunch break
  • Zip and rappel: clifftop rappels are not for the faint of heart but are for those with an adventurous spirit! Try the zipline canopy tour or ‘x’ zipline tour. Please note this is provided by Hocking Hills Canopy Tours but may be combined with a Rappelling Adventure tour

Adventure Trek

Beginners are welcome to join our group as we have certified guides by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) ready to help anyone who wants to climb. With experienced guides, individuals, families, and groups have many options to choose from that include smaller and longer distance rappels and climb tours. Add in a waterfall rappel and there is nothing to stop you from having the time of your life flying through the Hocking State Forest. Check out why people love Adventure Trek’s program.

Best in the Biz

Climbing with Adventure Trek is like climbing with family. The guides provide all instruction and equipment, you provide the fun! Take turns within a group or climb and rappel with a personal guide. From beginner to advanced routes, everyone can find a way to enjoy their first or fiftieth climb. Kids as young as 6 years old are greater climbers and as young as 9 they do well with rappelling and understanding technique. Some things to consider:

  • We start from the bottom and work up. The belay rope is connected to a harness that runs through a carabiner down to the guide’s hands. Climb rocks and learn technique from the best and leave feeling accomplished
  • Rappelling is ‘going down,’ or starting from the top. Safety, equipment, and setup is all part of the process. Adventure Trek offers the only company in Ohio with a permit for guided rock climbing and rappelling in Hocking State Forest
  • Waterfall trek: offering 115’ waterfall rappelling with 3 rappels in the only 115’ waterfall rappel in Ohio. Fully guided with kids welcome to join, no experience required

Discover the best Hocking Hills has to offer! Don’t wait to visit and check out why flying high through Hocking State Forest is the best way to explore the caves, terrain and waterfalls of Ohio.


ROCK CLIMBING At Hocking Hills FAQ's

A: To go rappelling, head to Hocking State Forest. There is a rock climbing and rappelling area that is the only place on state land to permit these activities. The challenges are numerous with almost a mile long cliff face and overhangs. Check out a few guides in the area with expertise and equipment for climbing and rappelling.

A: Due to equipment and nature of the adventure, children ages 6 and up usually do well climbing with ages 9 and up doing well with rappelling. There may be weight restrictions for equipment use. Check with tour companies for details.

A: With the proper equipment, training, and guides, the climbs and rappelling activities are safe for children and adults. Climbers who are more experienced and go alone are doing so at their own risk.

A: High Rock Adventures and Adventure Trek both provide excellent experiences for individuals, children and families looking for a fun experience high up in the Hocking State Forest!