Parks & Playgrounds Hocking Hills

Parks & Playgrounds Hocking Hills


Hocking Hills is a giant playground for kids and adults. There is so much to do that sometimes even the smaller places like playgrounds get overlooked. Families with kids or those who travel with young children might appreciate the fact that Hocking Hills has some pretty outstanding playgrounds and parks outside of the national parks the area is known for. Take a look at just a few of the playgrounds locals and visitors love to frequent when hanging out in Hocking Hills. 

School Playgrounds

Hocking Hills Elementary on Rt. 664S features a park and playground for kids to play. Chieftain Elementary is also very close to Rt. 33 and Rt. 180 with an elementary age school playground. East park is another renovated playground. East Park on East Main Street, Logan, Ohio, began construction in 2018 to renovate the playground so that kids with disabilities and children of all ages can play together. With a State of Ohio grant, they were able to make it a reality. The park offers lots of variety and a basketball court. Older kids might find fun at some of the larger parks with more recreational activities available.

Campbell Cove Campground

Campbell Cove features many things families look for in a place to hang out and enjoy time together. One of the best features, aside from camping facilities and proximity to nearby state parks, is the epic playground. There is a giant playground and huge jump pad for kids to catch some air and have fun. Park golf is also part of the fun where a person only needs one ball and club to play. They hit the ball, count the strokes, and enjoy the experience (or spend time chasing the ball. Think full length golf course and mini golf with a smaller course. 

Mingo Park 

The Mingo Park community project was created to redesign a local park in Logan. Current structures include a playhouse, wooden play structure, slides, and an area for little kids. Repainting of the playground has revitalized it for young families who live nearby and visitors. New upgrades include park benches, picnic tables and places to hang out while enjoying the playground.



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Kachelmacher Park

Visitors who are checking out local parks with playgrounds will love this picnic style park located in downtown Logan, Ohio. Steps away from shopping and festivities is a park with shelters free for public use and gatherings. Following an extensive rehab project supported by the Logan Rotary Club, City of Logan, and the Ohio DNR, the park is a shining star in the community. Grants provided new playground equipment, new kids fire engine, and full size basketball court. Restrooms are also available in the pavilion for public use.