ATVs in the Hocking Hills 

For the thrill-seekers, Hocking Hills can be experienced on four wheels, as you explore the forests, banks, wildlife, bridges, mud, and more on a rented ATV! With over 14 miles of trails ranging in difficulty, ATV riding is a great way to access the natural beauty and landscapes of Hocking with no experience necessary. Guided and unguided trail riding is offered, as well as one-on-one training.


Adventure Park is the nation’s first and only ATV rental and training facility focused on family oriented riding. Additional ATV rentals are available at multiple locations across the Hocking Hills region.

ATVs in the Hocking Hills 

ATV enthusiasts and visitors who want to give it a try will find lots of fun to be had rolling over the hills and scoping the beautiful scenery. From learning the rules to learning the ropes and finding the best trails, there is something for every enthusiast to enjoy. Safe riding is as essential to the experience of riding ATVs in Hocking Hills as having fun. Find out more about safety rules and regulations, where to ride, and who provides those sweet wheels to get visitors on the trail to adventure. 

Riding Rules

Adventure ATV rides are a lot of fun but don’t come without some risks. Guides from various rental companies can provide further direction on how to ride safely. Even experienced riders can encounter issues so having some safety measures in place can be helpful:

  • Primary renter must be 21 years or older with a valid driver’s license
  • Minimum age for riding is 6 years old
  • A helmet is required at all times while in Wayne National Forest or on park grounds 
  • Obey speed limits and current conditions. Stay on paths designated for ATVs and stay with tour guides if in a group
  • Understand proper hand signals and communication
  • No alcohol or drug use is allowed before or during activities with ATVs

Learning how to ride safely from approved tour operators is key to a good ride experience for everyone. The designated trails provide a great space for visitors to enjoy ATV riding but also create paths that allow for others to ride safely with others around and not be at risk of harm to hikers or other park and nature enthusiasts. 

Tackle the Trails

The best part of bringing or renting an ATV to ride in the parks is finding a good trail. Wayne National Forest ATV trails are some of the best for everyone from adrenaline seekers to first-timers. Families and visitors to the park who want to ride solo will find trails they love. With over more than 300 miles of multi-use trails in southeast Ohio, there is something new to discover each ride. Here are a few awesome trails to try. They require a permit and passes:

  • Dorr Run Loop: a popular space with five ATV trails. Ride the network by following the signs to Nelsonville, Ohio for an amazing ride
  • Monday Creek has 75 miles of trails perfect for ATV riding. North of Nelsonville, this destination offers designated loading areas in New Straitsville and White Oak. Mountain bikers, campers, and hikers also use these trails so ride with caution and awareness of surroundings
  • Hanging Rock is the most adrenaline pumping ride of them all. The most challenging trail with 26 miles of dirt trails, this system resides in an area strip-mined in the 1960s and 1970s. Be prepared for some geological awesomeness with this ride

Rent the Ride

R Adventure Park is the Hocking Hills rental place for ATVs, offering Polaris rentals and a training facility for families wanting to ride. Multiple spaces across the hills are included in their rides, along with private property. All rentals include training and equipment orientation. Guided and unguided rides are available. Renting an ATV near the park is important to enjoying a full experience of riding through Hocking Hills safely. Check out Adventure Pro Outdoors also for fun in Wayne National Forest. They have other rentals along with ATV/UTVs and tours. They are located in Star of Hocking Hills in Nelsonville, Ohio. Be sure to check in with them about reservations for their equipment as rentals are very popular and offered in season from spring through fall. 

Don’t miss out on all the fun. Check out how and where to ride an ATV in Hocking Hills. Tours are a great way to explore new terrain with friends, family, or create new friendships with enthusiasts. Visitors to the park will find lots of adventure but also some chill spots to take in the views of Hocking Hills. Summer and fall are especially hot times for riders because they get to enjoy the views. Take advantage of the opportunity to do some hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, or just sightseeing while in the area and enjoy all Hocking Hills has to offer.