Spending the day on a boat is an excellent way to enjoy the summer air when it’s warm. There are several places where you can put a boat in the water around Hocking Hills, be it your own vessel or a rental. Lake Logan has a marina that rents pontoon and fishing boats, as well as paddle boats and kayaks by the hour. Explore the many other Hocking Hills boat rental options for your visit to the hills!


The (Hocking) Hills are alive with the sound of boats motoring the waterways. You don’t have to go far to find adventure when it comes to boating. There is plenty of action to be had. Some lakes don’t allow motor boats but people can still enjoy the water in a pedal boat or pontoon. Canoes and kayaks are also encouraged across the area. Boat tie-ups and boat docks are usually seasonally available for rental contract as well. While many visitors enjoy canoeing and kayaking on the river, watercraft with motors are not permitted on the Hocking River.

Lake Logan Marina

Lake Logan Marina is the exclusive rental place for the lake. Pontoons are offered by the hour. Near Logan, Ohio and Hocking Hills, they are just a stop away from area attractions including Cantwell Cliffs, Cedar Falls and Old Man’s Cave. Whether it is recreational boating or a laidback sunset cruise, be sure to check out Lake Logan Marina and boathouse for more details on renting boats, pontoons, and other watercraft. Boats with motors up to 10 horsepower are permitted on the lake, and a speed limit of 10 mph is enforced at all times.

Boathouse at Lake Hope

Lake Hope State Park’s marina boasts beautiful scenery nestled into the Zaleski Forest in the Hocking Hills region. The lake itself is 120 acres. One boat ramp is available along State Route 278 by the dam. The only permitted boats are hand-powered or electric motors. Spring to fall, boat rentals are available including:

  • Canoes
  • Single/double kayaks
  • Pedal boats
  • Pontoons

Lake Hope State Park is located in the valley of Big Sandy Run. Densely forested, there are steep gorges, abandoned mines, and ancient mounds to round out a few of the great things about boating around the park. It is truly a boat lover’s paradise. Oak and hickory trees flood the woodland floors while wildflowers bloom with abandon. Among the quiet inlets of the lake, braves can be observed building away. Be sure to check out the swimming beach when you come boating. Included are restrooms, showers, and change rooms in the bathhouse with a concession stand fully stocked with goodies to purchase (or bring your own for an excursion).

Belly Up (Boats)

If there is one thing you likely never heard of before, it is belly boat fishing. This one-of-a-kind adventure offers non-traditional boaters a little taste of fishing and individual craft without all the fuss of getting a bigger boat onto the water. Belly boating lets you literally paddle with your feet and originated over 20 years ago as a way to get into back water ponds, lakes, and waterways across the United States and Canada. Here in Hocking Hills there is an opportunity to give it a try.

Weighing in at a light eight pounds, belly boats can be carried and maneuvered easily by almost anybody. Find a lake, take a seat, and begin to explore the water looking for that perfect fishing spot. This can’t-miss opportunity is available year-round with professionally guided treks at Hocking Hills State Park’s Rose Lake or hundreds of lakes across the region. Packages range from half day, full day or even multi-day excursions with waders, fins, rods, and more available. Kids ages 8 and up are encouraged to trek along. This makes for a perfect solo, family, or group adventure for those with an adventurous spirit and love of fishing or exploring the wilderness in a wildly unique way.

Why Boat in Hocking Hills

If you ever wondered why Hocking Hills is the destination for boaters, look no further than the ecological beauty and splendor of the area itself. Many visitors come for the natural wonders of caves, hiking trails and camping but along with that, they also want to get out and have fun. The lakes dotting Hocking Hills offer fishing, recreation, and family entertainment while also honoring the environmental impact on the region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Great question! Boating is a fun way to get around the waterways in Hocking Hills. There is no boating on the Hocking River. Lake Logan Marina is the exclusive boat rental on the lake. Lake Hope also has boat rentals available. Contact individual companies to find out what they offer.

A: Boats with motors up to 10 horsepower are permitted on Lake Logan. A speed limit of 10 mph is enforced. Motors are not permitted on the Hocking River. Lake Hope allows hand-powered and electric powered boats on its waters.

A: Yes. Boat docks and tie-ups are available seasonally or for rental contracts. Lake Hope offers some boat rentals, but mostly canoes and kayaks.

A: Yes. There are many places in Hocking Hills that offer pedal boat and pontoon rentals. Availability varies depending on rental companies.