The winding roads of Southern Ohio are a beautiful sight in themselves and make for a delightful day trip if you’re in the mood to cruise in the car or on your motorcycle. The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway takes you through the hills and valleys of Hocking and there are plenty of other roads and highways to explore.

Best Drives Around

It isn’t a scenic drive without considering some of the great smaller roads along the way. There is much to see and explore. Some travelers like to start off at Wildcat Hollow Road. This paved back road is situated between farms and large rock formations. The road is narrow and requires slow driving to enjoy it carefully. Start on Route 33 W and take exit OH-180/county road 33A. Here are a few more to check out:

  • State Route 374: large curves that bend around rock formations make this a popular destination for drives. The paved road is a main highway in Hocking Hills. The route goes past John Glenn Astronomy Park and other major parks. Old Man’s Cave is visible as well as Whispering Cave. Don’t neglect visiting some of the stops along the way for some glorious hiking and scenic overlooks. 
  • State Route 5e6: passes through Ash Cave State Park for an easy hike for those who need to stretch their legs. Along the road is a natural spring. Watch out for sharp curves and large rock formations. There are some amazing views so bring a camera to capture the memories. Little towns dot the road so be sure not to blink or you’ll miss them!

Enjoy the View

Why do people love to go for scenic drives? They are not just a thing of the past. People still love to be enthralled and have their breath taken away by gorgeous views. Whether it is longer drives or shorter ones interspersed with some hiking or stays in cabins and tents, there are many routes to take through Hocking Hills. Taking time to enjoy these moments with family and friends will create memories for a lifetime.