Prefer to see the sights on 2 wheels? Bring your bike or rent one from the various bike rental companies in the area and zip down the 33 miles of trails in Hocking Hills State Park. From challenging hillside rides to leisurely lakeside cruises, Hocking Hills offers an abundance of bike trails suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels.


Bicycle enthusiasts of all ages and stages love to visit the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. One of the reasons is the exciting network of trails throughout the parks with caves, rappelling, and more adventure than you can shake a stick at. What people may not realize is just how many biking trails exist for all levels of enthusiasts from beginner to advanced, from calm trails to mountain biking for the most adventurous riders. Hocking Hills State Park is only one place among many to try out those two wheeled adventure machines. Find out why enthusiasts flock to Hocking Hills and where to go to put pedal to the (bike) metal for a day of fun. 

Getting Started

Visitors to the Hocking Hills area may not come with all their equipment. Some people have their own bikes, racks, and setup for getting gear from one place to another. Others show up and look for rental spaces to pick up a bicycle or so for themselves or family members to ride around. When looking for a bicycle rental place, look no further than the Hocking College Nature Center. Rent by the hour or per day. The bikes must be returned before close but are guaranteed to be a fun way of exploring the area. Let’s explore the ways visitors can either bring traditional bikes to see the beautiful scenery of Hocking Hills or dig in for some adventure with mountain bikes.


To Bike or Hike

For many visitors, there is so much to see and do, it might feel overwhelming which activity to choose. There is no right or wrong way to see Hocking Hills. Biking is a great way to explore different terrain than hiking since most hiking trails in the hills don’t allow bikes. The designated trails provide for the most exposure to beautiful scenery and views not seen on hikes, but likewise, a nice hike and bike ride may be in order for visitors who like a little variety. Whatever way visitors to the area choose to explore, there is sure to be many memories made. Be sure to bring a camera or binoculars to capture special moments to take home as a memento of time spent riding the trails.

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway deserves its own full page spread in a magazine. The historical and geological information about the bike path is a fascinating look into the history of this region. Though the views are scenic and beautiful now, it has a long history going back to old railway days. Muh of the trail uses a former branch of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, once named Hocking Valley Railway. This was used to mine rich coal deposits and helped build the region to what it is today. The rails were removed sometime in the 1970s. The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is in the foothills of Appalachia with 20 miles of trail to see some of the most quintessentially beautiful scenery in the area. The trail begins in Athens, home of Ohio University, and runs through towns, past public spaces down towards Hocking River. The route keeps going across a bridge over Hocking River towards a quiet forest with trees. Commonly sighted along the trail are deer, herons, rock outcroppings, and farm field vistas unlike anywhere in the Midwest. The natural setting breaks up around Hocking College outside Nelsonville. The path ends behind Rocky Boots factory where people can either begin or end their ride at the trailhead. Visitors often enjoy a stop into the historical town square and see the shops. 

Traditional Biking

One of the most fun ways to explore the trails of Hocking Hills is by bike. Nothing is quite like the feeling of wind in your hair as you ride the trails and see the gorgeous, ancient scenery that will take your breath away. Throughout the region, the bike trails provide space to explore from beginner to advanced riders. Venture along to some of the more popular trails:

  • Lake Logan Trail: one of the top fishing spots in Ohio, this bike trail passes along the swimming beach for a few of beautiful Lake Logan. Except for an easy going pace on this path, accessible on the north side of the lake. 
  • Lake Hope State Park: this moderately difficult ride includes 8 biking trails that stretch over 23 miles. Among the 8 trails are steep hills, ravines, and challenging terrain for any cyclist who wants a wooded mountain challenge. Among the moderate trails are Bobcat Trail, Wildcat Trail, Little Sandy and Copperhead. Ohio Mountain Bike Magazine lists these trails as some of the more challenging and exciting anywhere in Ohio
  • Big Pine Road: a very popular destination so watch for crowds. This is popular with visitors because of the easy going pace and reward of seeing grand vistas and valleys. 

Whichever path you choose, be sure to check the difficulty level, terrain, and weather for the day. There are bike rentals available, especially when visitors stay at nearby resorts, cabins, or hotels. Check into the resources available in the area for more information, trail maps, and much more information about specific trails.