There’s nothing quite like zipping through the tree canopy at speeds close to 50 MPH with the wind in your face and the Hocking Hills zooming by below! The ziplines and canopy tours of Hocking Hills have become a staple of the region’s vacation offerings and it’s something everyone really must try.


Several local adventure companies offer a zipline experience, as well as the chance to climb around on the ropes course in the treetops. This is a great family adventure activity for all ages and quite safe, rest assured.

Ziplines and Canopy Tours

Hocking Hills is the perfect one-stop destination for fun and adventure. Soar above the trees right in the heart of Ohio’s number one spot for zipline and canopy tours. Several groups offer gravity defying swings through the trees. Find out why people love to come to Hocking Hills for the amazing adventure but stay for all the other fun as well.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Open in fall of 2008, this tour company is only growing in popularity with each passing day. People have fallen in love with this attraction for its excitement and family-friendly atmosphere. Anyone can do it! Visitors to the Canopy Tour Adventures explore treetops, see caves, and view rock cliffs from soaring heights. Some may consider it even better than thrills from a roller coaster. Zipliners are hooked to safety harnesses and provide everything they need to fly on a network of safety cables designed for adventure and fun.


Moonshine Zipline Tours

A flight through the treetops would not be complete without a nighttime experience that is simply unforgettable. The Moonshine tour is not for the faint of heart but it is everything you ever dreamed of: zipping through the dark, experiencing sights and sounds of the forest coming alive at night as you wind your way through to the end. The tours last approximately 2 hours with some instruction time up front. The course is minimally lit to add to the mystique. Anyone ages 10 and up, accompanied by adults, and adults are welcome to give this treetop experience a go. It is recommended riders have previous experience riding prior to trying the moonshine tour.  Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to fly through Hocking Hills with Hocking Hills Canopy Tours!  


Planning to travel to Columbus, Ohio for a family vacation, a honeymoon or a weekend getaway? Make this unique nighttime outdoor experience at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours part of an absolutely unforgettable trip! Get acquainted with the night with our “Moonshine” zip line tours. If you’ve ever dreamed of zipping in the darkness, this nocturnal tour is made for you. You’ll experience the sounds, the smells, and the creatures of the night – Then bravely zip off into the blackness! The course is minimally lit for maximum drama, and is sure to satisfy your craving for adventure! Our “Moonshine” tours are available for adults and children ages 10 and up, who are accompanied by adults.

Available only during “select” full moon nights – Starting in June, through November (see schedule below)


Valley Zipline Tour

Near the entrance of Hocking Hills is this amazing tour which provides an educational component. Learn some history of the area around conservation. Open in 2012, this tour group strives to provide the safest, most enjoyable time for everyone. The course is 9 lines with over 5000 feet of zip lining. Go up the hillside of the valley to begin the tour 15-40 feet in the air with speeds of up to 25 mph. The monster line course is over 1000 feet long and 120 feet high. The dual racer is for those who have a competitive side with 700 foot lines side by side to race over the top. The children’s mini zip course is popular with smaller children or families with young kids. 


Fly Through Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is a great place to zipline and explore tree top canopies with great companies who are the best in the Midwest. Visitors can spend hours traversing the trees, seeing caves and exploring the forest from up high. Hocking Hills tours are some of the best anywhere because of the natural formations available to see over and over again. Experience the thrill of a lifetime when you come to Hocking Hills for the zipline and canopy tours.


Ziplines & Canapy Tours at Hocking Hills State Park F.A.Q.

A: Each experience differs. Some are designed for younger kids, others are for adults only. Contact the company you’re interested in to find out more.

A:  Safety is a number one priority at Hocking Hills zipline and canopy companies. The design, construction, and education of participants is extremely important for everyone’s safety. Everyone should be ready and adhere to safety standards and procedures for everyone’s enjoyment of the experience. Training is provided by each company and should include how to use the equipment, getting hooked up and keeping the lines inspected regularly for safety of all participants.

A:  Safety is a number one priority at Hocking Hills zipline and canopy companies. The design, construction, and education of participants is extremely important for everyone’s A:  Every company has their own emergency action plan in the event someone needs medical attention or needs help. Company professionals are trained on how to execute these plans, which include local EMS personnel and service providers.