While the big attraction to Hocking is usually the hiking of our gorgeous state parks, we’re still proudly a Midwestern rural region and nothing shows are country roots better than the love of horses all over the county. With 5 different adventure tour companies offering guided horseback riding, you and your family can get a real taste of the heartland by saddling up and hitting the trails!


Horseback riding tours can be booked with a variety of providers. You’ll get a guided trail tour on horseback, learning to guide your horse with the reins. Don’t forget your cowboy boots!

Ride into the Hills

The Hocking Hills region of Ohio is rich in history, geology, and abundance of natural beauty. These surroundings make it the perfect place to sneak away for a bit and try out some of the activities. Horseback riding in the Hocking Hills is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Individuals, families, and kids will love to try all the different trails, stables, and horseback rides available. Check out some of the places to ride horses in the hills and find out why it is the best way to spend your time outdoors.

Uncle Buck’s Riding Stable 

Zaleski State Forest is near Lake Hope State Park. Uncle Buck’s Riding Stable is situated right in the heart of it all. With three trails to choose from, it is the perfect place to explore the natural surroundings combined with family friendly entertainment. Some of the trail rides include:

  • Lookout Rock: view wan old abandoned railroad bed, maybe catch some beavers building a dam, and explore some marshes in the forest
  • Old town Moonville: ride into the haunted tunnel on the Moonville Rail Trail
  • Coal Bucket: This trail ride is only one hour and perfect for ages 7 and up. Families and groups will love the scenic route named for an old coal bucket that sat by the trail 

Every rider is equipped with a horse, a safety lesson and guide. Along with horseback rides through historic forest and park lands, the Lady Buck Saloon serves hot and cold beverages in an air-conditioned and heated Old West-style saloon and restaurant. The atmosphere is a perfect way to start (or end) a ride. Barbecues and summer concerts are a quintessential way to spend a great time in Hocking Hills.

Spotted Horse Ranch

Spotted Horse Ranch offers riding trails that cross 500 acres and 35 miles. No matter what the rider’s expertise, this ranch accommodates everyone. From a Cowboy Cookout Ride to a party hall for weddings and parties, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Campgrounds are available on site for campers or horse trailers and tents. Visitors can give any number of trail rides a go:

  • Cowboy Cookout Ride: seek some adventure with this fun all-inclusive ride. Saddle up for a longer ride before heading to the woods for some cookout food prepared over an open flame, just like the olden days
  • One hour rides: great for new and returning riders. Younger children also love shorter rides with family and friends. Lessons and demos are done by trained staff. Don’t just sit and watch, get in on the action with a quick, fun ride
  • Two hour rides are fun for older kids and adults. Going further requires more stamina but also takes them up steep hills into more interesting terrain. Check this ride out if you’re up for some adventure

Large group rides are a fun way to spend time together. Whether it’s with Scouts, work, or a family reunion, this ranch can accommodate it all. 

Equestrian Ridge Farm

This farm is 200 acres of pure fun and enjoyment of all things equestrian. Individual attention is paid to every person who rides the horses. With the beautiful Hocking Hills region to ride through, there are limitless possibilities for fun and adventure. Here are some of the ways Equestrian Ridge offers space to enjoy horseback riding:

  • Family rides and fun tour: children 7 and under will enjoy hand led horses. Safe for kids and still fun for little riders. Farm tour follows the ride
  • Meadow View ride: for families of older kids and adults. Ride through the meadows independently and learn some basic independence skills on horseback
  • Ponytime and Farm tours: a fun way for kids who can’t ride but want to enjoy horses and the farm
  • Trail ride through meadows and hillsides. All experience levels welcome to try this slow, relaxing trail ride

Not only does this farm offer horseback rides, there are other ways to interact with animals including feeding pigs, hanging with sheep, holding chickens, visiting ducks, and petting other farm animals. Some of the best ways to enjoy the farm are through private instruction or camps for kids and families. Boarding is available along with training for people with their own horses. Come and camp or try out the bunkhouse for a longer, fun, stay.

Blue Moon Acres Riding Stable

Blue Moon is a small stable with personalized adventures for all riders. Hocking Hills Forest is aesthetically beautiful but also an adventure waiting to happen. Rides are available May through October by appointment. As a small, private stable, Blue Moon offers adventurous rides for groups, families, and individuals. Meet new friends and bring old ones along for the ride in the Hocking Hills. A guide provides support for the trails and helps everyone regardless of skill level. Learn alongside the best as you ride the trails in the Hills.