Are These Hocking Hills Yurt Rentals Just Too Much? Or Too Little?

Are These Hocking Hills Yurt Rentals Just Too Much? Or Too Little?

Who knew in 2022 yurts would be the name of the accommodation game. Everything’s turning up yurts right now, especially when it comes to Hocking Hills yurt rentals. Several beautiful locations across the Hills offer yurt rentals for visitors looking for an eclectic, fun getaway. Yurts are not a new concept, but glamping is a more modern concept. Stocked with everything a person could need, they offer a bit of glamour and chic to time in nature. Other yurts are, by design, simpler, and more rustic. Find out why people are going yurt-crazy in Hocking Hills and where to check into one for a fun vacation.

Yurt Madness

The spirit of glamping is strong in Hocking Hills. From B&Bs to luxury spaces and rustic hideaways, yurts are becoming a must-see attraction. Glamping, or glamorous camping

Became popular in the ‘90s as travelers were looking for interesting ways to get out in nature without compromising comfort. Glamping is like camping but quickly becoming more popular as people take advantage of fun ways to experience camping with a twist. Yurts date back to 600 BCE in Mongolia. Nomadic tribes erected these structures to stay warm and house their families in the bitter winters. They were also portable, and easy to disassemble and move as needed. Modern-day yurts are popular lodging spaces in parks and forests across the United States but more bolted to the ground than portable.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Yurt

When visitors to Hocking Hills yurt rentals contemplate their options, it is easy to get lost in all the many ways a person can pack up things and vacay their way. Whether it is campgrounds, B&Bs, hotels, or even treehouses, Hocking Hills truly has something for every person. Not everyone gets what a yurt is or why they are making a huge splash in Hocking Hills. Why not check out some reasons why people love yurts:

  • Budget-friendly: checking into a yurt comes with less cost and less glamour in some cases but it saves on the pocketbook from pricey hotels
  • Activities: yurts don’t always come with all the amenities which means finding other ways to be entertained. Families and individuals staying in yurts love escaping into nature, sitting around campfires, and exploring surroundings without sitting in front of a television for entertainment
  • Pet-friendly: lots of parks are offering great pet-friendly options to bring Fido and friends. Some may charge a little fee but lots of visitors love to bring pets along for their travels and yurts are an easy way to make this happen

Hocking Hills Yurts

Across Hocking Hills, many places are going crazy for yurts. The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls are one of the best-known and beloved places for its rustic cabins and chic cottages. From luxury accommodations to lodges, they offer yurts with beds, baths, electricity, Wi-Fi (no TV), heating and cooling for all seasons, and more. Their insulation and skylight make the experience comfortable yet enticing to experience nature (in style). Don’t forget to check out Hillside Retreats for their amazing, unique yurt rentals. Glamp in style in a Hummingbird Yurt with amazing views, including amenities like a bed, sink, bathroom, campsite, and more. Cardinal Yurt offers a restorative space to get away and relax with an open floor concept, amenities like television and beds with showers, and more. 

Take your vacation to the next level by staying in a Hocking Hills yurt rental. Pack lightly with utensils and linens, food, snacks, and basics but expect to be pampered in these glamping yurts, designed for luxury in rustic natural surroundings. 

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