The Trick to Finding the Coolest Cabins Near Hocking Hills

The Trick to Finding the Coolest Cabins Near Hocking Hills

The Hocking Hills are alive with the sounds of visitors, locals, and travelers from afar checking out the sites. One of the best places to visit is nature in Hocking Hills. Everywhere you look there are rolling hills, natural caves, and wondrous waterfalls to amaze everyone who visits. The trick to finding a place to stay, especially going more rustic, is knowing where the coolest places are and what cabins near Hocking Hills are especially amazing. Make your stay fun and unique with these great cabins and tips for deciding which one is right for you.

Book Responsibly

Making reservations seems too easy these days. Pop a search into Google or Yahoo and voila! Heaps of places show up on the search engine, telling you which places are the best to go. One of the things to keep in mind is search engines will pop up places that pay to be at the top, not necessarily one right for you. Search tools like Hocking Hills Lodging Availability Search let you filter out lodging options rather than look page by page through search results. Start here then try Google if that doesn’t work out.

List Desired Amenities

Everyone has their preferences in cabins. Whether it is one with a hot tub, rustic, close to activities, or far away from anyone and anything, there is a place for everyone. Some common amenities people search for that might help locate that perfect spot:

  • Whether it has Wi-fi and tv
  • Outdoor space on-site
  • Bed linens or roughing it
  • Secluded for privacy or closer to other people
  • How many travelers are with your group
  • Whether or not it has A/C and heat
  • Kitchen amenities
  • Firepit
  • Pond
  • Fishing on-site or nearby
  • Romantic or get-away style of lodging for couples versus families

Also, keep in mind pictures don’t tell the whole story. Be sure to read reviews before booking, ask around from people who have gone before you what they thought (make sure it was recently, not two years ago as things probably changed). Look at how close cabins are to Ash Cave, Lake Logan, or desired places to visit. If they’re too far away it might not be much fun. For those who like campgrounds, there are those spaces available but be sure to book in advance for best results.

Pick a Cabin

With so many choices, it can feel overwhelming. Different cabins for different types of people can make a vacation amazing. For instance, Hilltop Resorts & Campgrounds offers a resort
With amenities like a pool and fishing along with kid and pet-friendly space to relax in smaller cabins surrounded by nature.

A unique space people love is The Hocking Hills Caboose. Stay aboard a 1950’s Seaboard Air Line Railroad caboose converted into guest cottage space. The caboose is close to Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, and Cedar Falls. Check out the full bath, kitchenette, and deck off the back of the caboose. Kids and adults will love enjoying nature. Comes equipped with air and central heating for all-season rental.

Lastly, don’t forget to try Pine Creek Villas with three top-of-the-line luxurious RVs on site. Each model includes TV, furniture, bathrooms, and luxury bedrooms. Close to hiking trails and caves, it’s a perfect hideaway with access to a swimming creek and a cozy campfire.

Many traditional cabins and spaces exist to choose from, including secluded cabins for two, rustic cabins without heat, air, or all the amenities for more adventurous travelers. Choosing one depends on your style of adventure. Be sure to check out Go Hocking to help you make the best selection for your family.

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