Get Cozy in These Steamy Sauna Pods of Hocking Hills

Get Cozy in These Steamy Sauna Pods of Hocking Hills

Going to the spa sauna is a fun experience. Bask in the warmth of a steamy sauna that cleanses the pores and relaxes the body. Maybe follow that up with a nice cup of tea or a quiet, restful space of relaxation. The sauna pods of Hocking Hills are ideal for tapping all senses by creating a new experience: barrel-shaped cedar spa pods in the forest. Every pod is uniquely designed and equipped to create a steamy experience for its short-term visitors. Find out why tourists and locals are loving the cozy feel of sauna pods in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

What is a Sauna Pod?

Sauna pods are a new creation in Hocking Hills. They are easy to access but feel worlds away from life outside the pod. Each pod comes with a changing chamber and a hot sauna with up to four seats. Visitors bring music to connect to Bluetooth speakers and choose their light scape for maximum comfort. Bottled water and towels are provided on check-in. Anyone who wants a comforting, relaxed atmosphere outside of a spa in the wilderness will love the sauna pods.

How it Works

Getting into a sauna pod is unlike any experience out there. The pods are a dry heat source, created to open pores and make the body sweat out toxins, and ease tension and inflammation. Sauna pods are cedar lined and wrapped to be comfortable to rest in while rejuvenating the senses. Temps can be adjusted for preference and chronotherapy-lighting is also adjusted as each person desires.

Natural Habitat

People love the pods because it is fun to be out in nature, away from a salon atmosphere. While that can have its benefits, being in nature adds another layer of intrigue, adventure, and relaxation. Finnish people developed a practice of sitting in hot caves which is why the concept of sauna pods came about. Instead of being inside, pods are designed with windows to look outside, maximize privacy, and create the ultimate outdoor experience, inside a pod.

Become a ‘Pod’ Person

Giving the pods a try can feel intimidating. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about booking the first sauna pod experience before jumping in:

  • Try 15 minutes at a time with 10-minute breaks between sessions
  • The experience is more ‘come and go’ during the reservation time to avoid overheating
  • Temps ranged from 120-150°F
  • The risk of dehydration is high so bring lots of water
  • Book chalets on-site or just pop in while on a day trip to Hocking Hills

The Sauna Pods at Chalets Hocking Hills are located at 18905 State Route 664 S, Logan OH, 43138. For more info, or to make a reservation, please visit

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