Hocking Hills Geodome

hocking hills geodome

Geodomes are the most incredible way to adventure in picturesque Hocking Hills. A Hocking Hills geodome is one of several unique accommodations, from remodeled storage containers to yurts; there are several options for a fun stay in the hills. The domes come with various amenities depending on what you’re looking for. Find out more about the geodomes and how to book a stay in one.

What is a Geodome?

A ‘geodome’ or geodesic dome is a great way to glamp it up in style for those who want a bit of flair with their Hocking Hills adventure. The hospitality industry is taken by storm with this new way of enjoying nature and many being eco-friendly. The domes come in all shapes and sizes. They offer creature comforts while hosting exciting features you won’t get anywhere else.

Where are the Geodomes?

The Hocking Hills geodomes feature 700 square feet of space and are about 14 feet tall with exposed metal pipes, shelves, custom tiles, beds, a dining table, chairs, a couch, and a mini kitchenette with small custom baths. They are located at the scenic Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, along with all their cabins, lodge, and other features. Stay in comfort and style while seeing the entire landscape of Hocking Hills from the comfort of your bedroom. 

What are the features of the Geodome?

Picture the outside of Hocking Hills in the middle of your room. The sights are all around in these beautiful structures, allowing you to stargaze at night or see the forest in all its splendor. All domes have a bed, chairs, table, couch, appliances, custom baths and showers, and more. They are the first in the United States to have indoor plumbing, as many are more rustic. Electricity allows for them to be used in any season. Children under 12 and pets are now allowed as they are less durable than traditional accommodations. 

People come to Hocking Hills to stay in the classic geodomes because they are unique to the area and the whole country. Visitors near and far love the feel of being inside and outside all at once but also having privacy to enjoy their time in Hocking Hills. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls features massages, a restaurant, and proximity to shops and nature for all your needs while visiting the area. Explore the site, then return to your geodome and rest in comfort while taking in the beautiful night sky as you drift off to a peaceful night’s sleep surrounded by nature. It is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.

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