Cheap Places to Stay in Hocking Hills

Cheap Places to Stay in Hocking Hills

Heading out to Hocking Hills, the first thing most people notice is the beautiful surroundings. Finding cheap accommodation, however, can take some work, even if it is just for one person. Couples, families, or groups may be able to spend a little more, but there are many ways to connect with the stunning nature of Hocking Hills, enjoy shopping and dining, or just get away from it all without breaking the bank. Try these tips to enjoy a vacation that won’t bust the budget.

Glamp it Up

Nothing says getting away from it all quite like rustic cabins in Hocking Hills. This ain’t your mama’s penthouse, as they say. To be pampered in style is not the name of the game if you’re looking to glamp, but you will find some great cabins in the heart of Hocking Hills while saving some money doing it. Think fewer amenities, more Walden chic (bare bones but connected to nature). Check out Hocking Hills Adventures for ideas, or Go Hocking for rentals and accommodations.

Check Dates

Heading out during ‘high season’ will cost more money. If you want to save a buck, rental companies often discount concessions for three days or longer. Off-season, there may also be ‘off peak’ rates or a ‘shoulder season.’ Try to avoid spring break or school holidays when more people flood Hocking Hills, raising rates. Some places may offer different rates or pricing if you call them directly rather than booking through an online source or website. Book ahead if going during the busy season to get the desired rates but think about other options and get creative with timing.

Mid-week Stays

The cost is lower to visit Hocking Hills as opposed to other areas due to the nature and places to go, but traveling midweek has great advantages. If you’re looking to visit outside of weekends or just a quick mid-week visit, line up some vacation time and find great accommodation rates all over the region.

Try Nature

Campgrounds, and RV sites are popular spots these days with higher prices than ever before. Bring the camping gear, build a fire, and check into some of the coolest spots in Ohio in the heart of Hocking Hills. Stay near water, fish for food, hike, bike, walk, or just sleep under the stars in your own camper or tent. Many people are also renting campers for travelers to use on a quick tour or try campsites with rustic cabins for rent. Whatever your style, camping can be fun for people of all ages and very affordable.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Not digging the rustic nature of a cabin, glampsite, or tent under the stars? Check out a host of motels and hotels in Logan and Hocking Hills. Featuring basic amenities for affordable rates, these spaces can offer a bit more ‘pampering’ without the high fees and stay within your budget. Of course, there are always AirBnB or VRBO options and even couch surfing if that’s your thing. Budget travelers and money-conscious vacation planners are sure to find what they’re looking for with those options.

If you just want to pitch and tent and go, there are many places around Hocking Hills for some primitive camping. Just tent up and go. Not every business in Hocking Hills inside the parks allows for primitive camping, so be sure to know which sites are best to go to before heading out. Suppose you’re willing to try some new things. In that case, there are yurts, geodomes, and more which can provide unique spaces to stay for smaller groups or couples and individuals who just want to get away from it all, explore nature on their terms and see the actual beautiful surroundings without much cost. You’re sure to find many options in and around Hocking Hills that will make it an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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