Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival

bigfoot festival hocking hills

Of all the legends and mysteries, Bigfoot still delights, amuses, and enthralls, ls people from around the world. People spend their entire lives researching, looking for, and investigating the phenomenon known as Bigfoot. The Hocking Hills Bigfoot Conference or festival is one way to bring enthusiasts together to learn more about this local legend and do it for a good cause. Learn more about this Bigfoot festival in Hocking Hills and why people flock to this beautiful region yearly to connect with others about this legend.

Legend of Bigfoot

Around Hocking Hills, Bigfoot sightings go as far back as the 1800s near the Ohio River and Marietta.

Witnesses report seeing it on their way to school while hunting or just being out and about in picturesque Hocking Hills. With many people venturing into the woods, it is common for visitors to the area to notice activity from the Hocking Hills Bigfoot. Many people who look for Bigfoot think nighttime is the best way to catch Sasquatch out wandering. Still, the best way is to be outdoors and go onto the trails in Wayne National Forest or Rockbridge Trail, where sightings have happened or join up with other enthusiasts at the Bigfoot Festival.

Festival Fun

Thousands of people come from around the country to check out the Bigfoot Festival in Hocking Hills. While some come in search of the great Sasquatch, others come to have fun and meet other enthusiasts to share stories of sightings and learn more about the legend. Over two days, festival organizers put together speakers, and presentations and offered vendors food trucks and souvenirs to take home. Local authors and researchers speak about the folklore of Bigfoot and share their stories of searching for the legendary creature. 

Kids can also participate in the fun with adults in things like the ‘Howling Contest,’ where participants offer their best impression and vocalization of Bigfoot. Other activities include a scavenger hunt and ‘Squatch Walk’ for kids.

The festival delights visitors of all ages and brings people to the region to enjoy the natural beauty and rolling hills that make it a great place to visit. Volunteers also drive the event as local scout troops help keep the festival going, with more volunteers expected to participate.

BigFoot Conference

Another great way Bigfoot is celebrated in Hocking Hills is at Big Foot Conference, a weekend that helps kids go camping. On 700 acres of land in picturesque Hocking Hills, 2 miles from Old Man’s Cave, is Camp Oty’Okwa. The center is run by Big Brothers/Big Sisters to serve underprivileged children. They learn hands-on nature conservation, working in teams, and being with other kids and youth who understand their experiences—this is one of only two camps like it in the United States.

The event hosts a guided walk with a bunkhouse and primitive camping available. Volunteers help make the event possible with funds going back to Camp Oty’Okwa for scholarships to help kids attend camp. Attendees can learn from presenters, go on hikes, and listen to music while also doing fun activities to benefit the camp for kids. 

With so many ways to support Logan and the Hocking Hills area, it is no wonder many visitors flock to the region to meet other enthusiasts and researchers each year to learn about Big Foot. Come to the festival or attend the conference and participate in learning about this phenomenon while surrounded by spectacular nature.

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