The 5 Coolest Covered Bridges in Ohio

Covered Bridges in Ohio

Ohio offers natural beauty, vibrant cities, and rolling hills to explore across the state. Visitors come from all over to visit Ohio but particularly to take in some of the most secluded and iconic covered bridges in Ohio. Explore these natural landmarks as part of a bigger trip to the picturesque Hocking Hills region of Ohio.

Rock Mill Covered Bridge

Rock Mill Covered Bridge was built in 1901 by Jacob R ‘Blue Jeans’ Brandt. In 1858 he began working as a building planner in Fairfield County. Rock Mill offers stunning views of the gorge and Hocking River. Brandt is responsible for building other amazing bridges like Mink Hollow Covered Bridge and Hartman No 2 Covered Bridge. His iconic structures have stood the test of time and even at a very short 37 feet long is still mighty bridge not to be missed.  

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge was restored to its natural beauty in 1996. Located near an old oil mill in Fairfield County, the bridge runs 51 feet in length and was originally built in 1887 near a beautiful park. Due to its location near Oil Mill Hollow and proximity to Mink Hollow, the bridge earned several names combined into one: “Mink Hollow Bridge Over Arney Run in Oil Mill Hollow Near the Borcher’s Mill.’ The bridge remains mostly known for its current name Mink Hollow and is visited by tourists and revelers who enjoy old covered bridges.

George Hutchins Covered Bridge

The George Hutchins Covered Bridge spans 49 feet in length crossing Lake Loretta. Often photographed in fall (and any other time) for its iconic beauty over the water, the George Hutchins bridge was built in 1904 in Lancaster. Reconstructed from its original spot at Strickler Road, the reconstruction was done for the Fairfield County Bicentennial Celebration in 2000. Featuring Kingpost construction, it is both structurally sound and a beautiful place to visit. 

Hartman Number 2 Covered Bridge

Originally, Hartman Number 2 Covered Bridge was constructed in 1888. Disassembled in 1967, the bridge was rebuilt in Lockville Canal Park where it still stands tall and proud today. The red queen post truss bridge is 48 feet long and rests between Ohio and Erie Canal Locks 11 and 12 South in Lockville Canal Park. This is the longest series of intact canal locks in the state of Ohio and is frequently photographed and artists love to paint, draw and sketch it with the natural beauty surrounding this iconic bridge.

Hanaway Covered Bridge

The Hanaway Covered Bridge was built in 1881 by James Buchanan and is the longest covered bridge in the area at 85 feet long. The bridge is constructed on a curve and has a canopy only on one side. Part of Two Glaciers Park in Fairfield County, was created due to increased motorized traffic in the area. High water knocked a tree into the bridge which shifted it off its abutments. Raised and temporarily fixed, a more complete restoration was completed2017. Little used now, it is still a worthwhile visit to see this beautiful old covered bridge.

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