Check Out These Amazing Wineries Near Hocking Hills

wineries near hocking hills

A visit to Hocking Hills, Ohio would not be complete without some time outdoors. Most people visit for the scenic camping, hiking, and other activities. Other people want to come check out the scenery and find themselves in love with the little wineries dotting the rolling hills. Find out why Hocking Hills has some of the best wineries in the region and where to go for some taste tests.

Wine Lovers Experience

Coming to wineries near Hocking Hills is like visiting a smaller version of Napa Valley. Though less widely known, there are tons of wineries ready to be explored right here in the heart of the hills. Every vineyard and place has its own unique flavor and style. Check out each of the wineries to see which fits the bill or perhaps give several a try on a winery tour.

Hocking Hills Winery

Wine lovers can stop by Hocking Hills Winery in Logan for some locally grown grapes. A little elegant, a little laid back pretty much sums up this beautiful family-owned winery. Tours are available of the place which offers gems such as their award-winning Riesling. No visit to wineries near Hocking Hills is complete without stopping by.

Rockside Winery and Vineyards

North of Lancaster lies a beautiful destination for wine enthusiasts. Rockside Winery and Vineyards first got started with vines in 2007, planted on 17 acres, with great soil and landscape. Fertile land for growing good grapes helped put this winery on the map. Even though Ohio winters are cold and summers are variable weather-wise, varieties such as Corot Noir and Vidal Blanc have been growing flavorful, healthy grapes with intense flavors. When you visit, tastings are offered to try different offerings. Don’t forget to take in the scenery while you sip.

Manchester Hill Winery

Circleville boasts one of the best locally-owned wineries around. Along with hard ciders, this winery prides itself on knowledgeable staff who create, bottle, and sell wine people will celebrate for a long time to come. Enjoy a visit to Hocking Hills and try some world-class wines and ciders from a small but amazing winery.

Le Petit Chevalier Winery

The story of Le Petit Chevalier is about family. Growing native wine grapes in the rolling hills of southeast Ohio, the mission of Le Petit vineyard is to provide quality wine for people to enjoy. Hocking Hills State Park is a great natural place to stop and enjoy a walk or hike followed by a visit to the winery just minutes away. Explore the natural beauty of the area while enjoying a sip and a view at Le Petit in their tasting room.

Shade Winery

What makes wineries near Hocking Hills so special are their commitment to quality. Locally owned and operated, Shade Winery has been in the community for just over three years (2019) but provides a long-lasting impact from wine to food. Rab as nack or bite to eat with charcuterie boards to smoked salmon to compliment a fine Ohio wine. Rent their space for private events and special occasions. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy this beautiful space.

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