10 Romantic Things To Do in Hocking Hills

10 Romantic Things To Do In Hocking Hills

The Hocking Hills region in Ohio is a breathtakingly beautiful destination that offers a perfect setting for couples seeking a romantic getaway. With its picturesque landscapes, secluded cabins, and enchanting natural wonders, Hocking Hills provides a range of opportunities for couples to connect, relax, and create lasting memories together. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, here are 10 romantic things to do in Hocking Hills.

Nothing is more romantic than sneaking away with your partner for a little R&R in the hills; Hocking Hills that is. Of all the romantic things to do in Hocking Hills, just being together is the best way to connect to nature and each other. Want to plan a romantic getaway? Try these ideas for a way to enjoy a day (or three) relaxing together. 

10 Romantic Things To Do in Hocking Hills

Take a Hike

Usually, if a partner says ‘take a hike,’ it means something very different than a romantic hike in the woods. To make a hike magical, try out some of the amazing caves and waterfalls for starters. Their natural beauty is unrivaled, except for the beauty of the person you’re with. Enjoy some refreshing nature on a hike through some of the most natural wonders Ohio has to offer.

Trip Around the Hills

Nature hikes, not your thing? Try a road trip through Hocking Hills. Nothing says romance like a sweet breeze blowing through an open window as you drive through gorgeous scenery. There are some amazing trips throughout the area. Check out a few of the best road trips in Hocking Hills.

Spa Trip

If all that time in nature did your feet in or being tucked away in the spa sounds magnificent, look no further. Head for a romantic time at the spa and be pampered with a full-service spa at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls or try other spas in the area. Traveling massage therapists also roam the hills in search of people who want to be pampered in their place at their convenience. Either way, the spa can be a nice time away from a loved one.

Hit the Hot Tub

Go relax in a hot tub with your partner but don’t forget to stock up on the champagne and caviar. Or whatever floats your boat. Romance is alive and well and it comes with bubbles in the tub and your glass (if that’s your thing). Look for cabins and accommodations with private hot tubs for a secluded respite. 

Wine & Dine

Technically, these are two things but food and wine (or beer) go hand-in-hand just like sweet couples on a romantic getaway in Hocking Hills. Sample wines at Hocking Hills Winery or look for a brewery to satisfy your taste buds. A delicious dinner of fine food can be a nice treat with a romantic twist. Stop for meals at any number of restaurants or get accommodation with room service. Even hire a private chef to make a meal in your cabin. 

Hit the Tree Tops

Hocking Hills has some of the most amazing adventure opportunities. Take time with your sweetheart to go ziplining over the trees with Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. Enjoy it in fall, spring or summer. Any season is a great one to get away with someone you love. 

Shop ‘til You Drop

Take time to explore downtown Logan with historic buildings and shops. Local artists, authors, and more share their wares and goods in a beautiful setting. Stop for lunch at one of the little places and leave with a souvenir to tell everyone about back home. 

Go Trail Ridin’

Romance and adventure, all wrapped up in one package. Couples will be spoiled for choice with many options from mini-lessons to longer rides around the caves and beautiful places in Hocking Hills. Explore the hills on horseback and enjoy the scenery together. 

Festival it Up

For couples who want to live it up with their partner, check out the numerous festivals happening across Hocking Hills. Some are big, some are small, with everything from music to craft brews, artisans, showcases, and more. Come to the hills for quiet time and add in some special time living it up at a festival.

Remember, the key to a romantic getaway in Hocking Hills is to embrace the beauty of the surroundings, immerse yourselves in nature, and create moments of connection and relaxation. Whether you choose to explore the stunning natural attractions, indulge in tranquil experiences, or simply enjoy each other’s company in a cozy cabin, Hocking Hills offers endless opportunities for romance and togetherness. Let the beauty and serenity of this enchanting destination be the backdrop for a truly unforgettable romantic escape.

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