Visit These Awesome Breweries Near Hocking Hills

breweries near hocking hills

Step inside any number of breweries near Hocking Hills and you will find visitors from all over the country enjoying delicious beverages from Germany-style to IPAs. Breweries build camaraderie, showcase the best beers in the area and are a relaxing place to wind down after a long day hiking and enjoying the sights of Hocking Hills. Check out just some of the breweries around.

Brewery 33

Stop by this hometown brewery for a low-key vibe just outside of Logan. Sip a beer and have some snacks after exploring the canopy of Hocking Hills. Pets are welcome to join for a small nibble and their own special brew (water). Choose from selections like Shandys, Pale Ales, Sours, hefeweizen, and more. Named for the Highway 33 on which it rests, as well as the year that prohibition ended, this little gem is the perfect place to meet locals and travelers alike while visiting the Hocking Hills.

Rockmill Brewery

Organic breweries are all the rage. Right here in Lancaster, Ohio, on a former horse farm, is just the place to try these special brews. Bring a bagged lunch from a nearby restaurant and enjoy the farmhouse tasting room. Delicious brews and craft beer are the order of the day at Rockmill. With one-of-a-kind beers made from organic ingredients, brews like Petit Saison have subtle flavors while the Cask Aged Noir are barrel-aged with earthy tones and hints of sugar cane. Indoor seating available inside the spacious tasting room with plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the pet-friendly patio with views of the farm.

Buckeye Lake Brewery

Come to this small neighborhood brewery and enjoy local draft beer, wine, and bourbon. Fresh beer locally brewed always tastes the best, according to this brewery. While they love to experiment with flavors, they also offer traditional styles for folks to enjoy. Try the medium-bodied beer for a fuller flavor or try their Hennessy Irish Red. Whatever you decide to try, don’t forget to stop inside the tasting room for Taco Tuesday and some live music to keep the vibe going.

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery

Since 2005, this brewpub has offered signature draft beers. With a taproom, bakery, and farm, Jackie O’s offers fresh breads, pizza dough, and other foods alongside their brews. Enjoy the views on the 20+ acre farm while you sip from over 50 different varieties including lagers and wood aged sour beers.

Little Fish Brewing Company

What makes this brewery unique is the solar and wind powered electricity that keeps things moving. Little Fish brews world class beer and supports the local economy. Awarded the World Beer Cup Gold Award in Belgian and French-style Ale, they are a hit with locals and visitors to Hocking Hills. The co-owners opened Little Fish in 2015 in an abandoned mechanic’s shop. Their goal is to brew world class beer. They designed recipes using organic raw spelt and corn grits to build flagship brews like Saison du Poisson and Shagbark Pilsner. Their love of Ohio-grown ingredients keeps brews tasting fresh while keeping it local.

With all the choices of breweries available in Hocking Hills, it makes sense to stay awhile and try a few places. Maybe even one or more of the brews will be just what you need to add to your home collection of fine local beers for a taste of Hocking Hills wherever you call home.

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