How to Get to Hocking Hills

directions to hocking hills ohio

Situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Ohio’s Hocking Hills offer visitors natural spaces to hike, take a walk into caves, see geological formations, and rappel or float across the treetops on a zipline. For all the adventure people can want in one place, there are also many roads both in and out of Hocking Hills. The trick is to figure out which roads help lead people here. To see which roadways and pathways work, check out these directions to Hocking Hills Ohio, that will guide you to the Hocking Hills Visitors Center in Laurelville.

Directions to Hocking Hills Ohio

From Columbus, Ohio

Travelers who head from Columbus into the hills have different options. To hit Lancaster, the best route is Memorial Drive or stay on Route 33 and go towards Logan. Along the way are plenty of places to stop for attractions like shopping and historic sights. Lancaster is known for producing table glassware and also boasts proximity to the Hocking River.

To head into eastern Hocking County towards Logan, take US 33 East through Lancaster. Exit State Route 664 to Logan-Bremen. Turn right towards the Hocking Hills Welcome Center. This place will have the answer to just about any question a visitor may have on getting to and from locations within the region or helping guide someone who may be lost.

From Cincinnati, Ohio

When traveling from Cincinnati, the best route to Laurelville in Hocking County is I-71 North. Exit at US 35 east and follow this route. Take US 22 East to Circleville. Once in Laurelville, follow the second road on the right to St. Rt. 56. Check out the Visitor’s Center with parking. The Welcome Center provides information, brochures and, at certain times of the day, a person may be available to answer questions.
Pittsburg, Ohio

To travel towards Logan in eastern Hocking County from Pittsburg, start on I-279 south to I-79. From south, take it to I-70 west. Continue thighs route through Zanesville to Route 13 exit. Head west onto State Route 256 then take State Route 664 south. The Hocking Hills Welcome Center will be located south of the intersection of SR 664 and US 33. Be sure to stop in Logan at the welcome center.

From Cleveland/Akron/Canton

Head on out to I-77 south to Cambridge. This highway goes west on I-70 to U.S. 37 east, exit 126. Be sure to follow this to Lancaster. Turn right for 4 blocks on US 22 then left on US 33 east. Take this to Logan exit and get off by turning right. The Hocking Hills Welcome Center is just south of SR 664 and US 33 exits.

Getting to Hocking Hills

Directions to Hocking Hills are straight forward when thinking of the general through ways in and out of the area. To check the best routes, call 1-800-HOCKING, phone lines at the Hocking Hills Welcome Center. Answered every day of the week, the people who work the phones will be able to answer questions about your trip and what to do on arrival. Visitors centers are a great way to gather information and find your way around Hocking Hills.

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