Laine’s Dutch Country Store

Laine’s Dutch Country Store in Hocking Hills, Ohio, is a charming and nostalgic destination that offers visitors a delightful experience reminiscent of a bygone era. Located in the heart of the picturesque Hocking Hills region, this family-owned store is known for its warm hospitality, unique selection of goods, and a touch of Dutch heritage.

As you step inside Laine’s Dutch Country Store, you are transported to a world of old-fashioned charm and simple pleasures. The store is filled with an array of carefully curated products that reflect the Dutch and Amish traditions, as well as a mix of timeless and modern items. From authentic Amish-made quilts and handmade wooden toys to Dutch foods, candies, and home decor, Laine’s Dutch Country Store offers a diverse range of goods that celebrate Dutch culture and craftsmanship.

One of the highlights of Laine’s Dutch Country Store is its commitment to offering high-quality products that are steeped in tradition. Many of the items available are crafted by local artisans and Amish communities, ensuring that the store supports the local economy and preserves traditional skills and techniques. Whether you’re looking for a hand-sewn quilt that showcases intricate stitching or an intricately carved wooden toy that exudes old-world charm, the store offers a selection of unique and authentic pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Laine’s Dutch Country Store also features a delightful variety of Dutch foods and treats. From imported cheeses, chocolates, and cookies to specialty items like Dutch licorice and stroopwafels, the store allows visitors to indulge in a taste of the Netherlands. These culinary delights provide a delightful experience for those seeking to explore new flavors or reminisce about their own Dutch heritage.

The warm and friendly staff at Laine’s Dutch Country Store are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for Dutch culture. They are always ready to offer personalized recommendations, share stories behind the products, and provide insight into the traditions and customs associated with Dutch and Amish communities. Their genuine hospitality creates a welcoming atmosphere that invites visitors to explore and learn more about the unique offerings of the store.

The location of Laine’s Dutch Country Store in the Hocking Hills region adds to its charm. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the area, the store provides a picturesque backdrop for shopping and browsing. Visitors can take in the serene landscapes, breathe in the fresh country air, and appreciate the tranquil setting as they peruse the store’s diverse selection of goods.

Whether you’re seeking a unique gift, a taste of Dutch culture, or simply looking to experience a touch of nostalgia, Laine’s Dutch Country Store offers a memorable and enriching shopping experience. With its commitment to tradition, warm hospitality, and an array of handcrafted goods and Dutch treats, the store invites visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in the charm and heritage of the Hocking Hills.


Laine's Dutch Country Store