There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than cool water splashing your face. Cruise the drifting waters of the Hocking River or drift across Lake Logan on a kayak or canoe. Local tour providers will drop you off upstream to paddle back to the docks or guide you along the way to point out the best sightseeing treasures.


There are a variety of ways to enjoy some surface paddling in the hills. Whether you need to rent canoes or have your own kayak, you can drop into the Hocking River and paddle down to a pick-up spot, or visit one of the beautiful lakes in the area for a calm, leisurely experience. Check out one of these local adventure companies to get set up with a canoe trip!

Adventure Spirits

For those people who love a bit of adventure thrown into their day (or weekend), Hocking Hills Adventures is a premier destination for Hocking Hills locals and visitors. This family-owned and operated business has been sending people up (and down) the river since 1976. Adventures are available for the whole family, groups of friends, colleagues and more. River trips range from a few hours to a faull day. Cabins are nearby along with campsites to spread out and enjoy nature on land. Don’t forget to check out the nearby Family Fun Center with go karts, mini golfing and so much more.

Lake Logan State Park

Lake Logan Marina rents single and double kayaks. The waters are calm due to restrictions on boating water craft, perfect for families and individuals to get some peace of mind floating and winding their way through the river. Launch from the beach to explore more than 400 acres of natural beauty. Picnic stops are available to stop and rest or take in the scenery.

Rockbridge River

The Rockbridge is a natural arch or bridge that arches 50 feet across a ravine. Widely considered the largest natural bridge in Ohio, it is more than 100 feet long and 10 to 20 feet wide. Ohio has many of these spectacular natural rock bridges, but this one is unique to the area. Rockbridge Natural Bridge was developed millions of years ago. Rivers flowed into an inland sea which carried grained sands that settled into the bottom. This sediment formed the foundation of sandstone now seen all over Hocking Hills. The inland sea soon drained away to give rise to emerging natural bridges. Hocking Hills Adventures provides kayak tours past the 100-foot long bridge to discover the natural beauty of the geological history surrounding paddlers as they slowly wind their way through.

Moonlit Tours

Paddle away to your heart’s content by sunset light or moonlight. Both are exciting ways to explore the waters on a canoe. The Hocking Hills Canoe Livery offers a great experience to paddle through the dark with friends or family while also returning for s’mores and nightlife. If paddling around under the stars seems exciting, be sure to check out the dates and book in advance. 

Be sure to check out all the Hocking Hills have to offer. From kayaks to canoes and every adventure in between, there are many ways to enjoy the hills and find some time to rest and relax. The spirit of fun will stay with you long after the adventure ends. Enjoy the ride!


Canoeing and Kayaking
in Hocking Hills

The Hocking Hills region is as varied and wild a landscape as any in Ohio. From rock formations to caves, hiking trails, fishing, and tubing, there is something for everyone. The beautiful scenery draws people in from all over the country but they stay because they love the serenity and tranquility of taking a lazy day down the river with friends and family. Kayaking and canoeing is an excellent way to spend time with loved ones. Along the river are some cabins and campgrounds for people who want to stay awhile – and who wouldn’t? Check out some of the many ways to explore Hocking Hills by water.


Canoeing and Kayaking In Hocking Hills FAQ

A: Everyone has different preferences. Some like to rent while others want to bring their own. There are limited public access points for personal kayaks and canoes. The rest are rental companies who provide the watercraft, drop off, pick up, supplies like life jackets and even tours.

A: Check out the many canoe and kayak rental places in Hocking Hills. A few favorites include Hocking Hills Adventures and Hocking Hills Kayak Rentals.

A: Yes. Check with the Ohio DNR about public access points or call one of the many places along the river to ask to use their access points.